The list doesn't include all my plays, only those which are still of current interest.

THE SPOILSPORT . A play for children aged 5 -11 years. Subject: How to stop teasing and become friends. 2 actors, sex

inferior. Simple set. 45 minutes.

BLACK LACES, GREEN OLIVES is a satiric comedy about swindle in the European Common Market. Two acts, one set,

2 female parts, 4 male, 90 minutes.

THE DEAR LITTLE ONES is a tough, but funny comedy about bringing up children so that they become failures like their

parents. Two acts, two almost similar sets, 2 female parts, 2 male, 90 minutes.

THE MANSION  is a play written in blank verse and florid classic style about an old mansion. It is for sale. Shall it

become a headquarter of a multinational corporation or a domicile for a foundation with the purpose of discussing moral

values and world peace, established by scholars and other troubled individuals? Two acts, simple set, 5 female parts, 7

male, 5 supers, 90 minutes.

CLATTA. A grotesque about the pilot who in 1945 dropped the first atom bomb over Hiroshima and the Arab Atta the man who flew a plane into the Twin Towers. 90 minutes, moderate set. 1 female and 5 male characters. Theplay has been staged atthe Dramatics Club at Indian Insttute of Technology, Kampur, India and at Kamani Auditorium, Delhi, India in 2006 and 2010.

THE ANGEL ON THE BLACKBOARD. The scene is a small barn or shed in a far-off mountainous region. The characters are a young woman, a man of forty and a soldier. Their native countries adjoin each other. There's a war on in the region.War brings them together. They neither speak nor understand each others' languages so they have to communicate in 'basic English'. Why are they in the far-off shed?  Two acts, one set, 1 female part, 2 male parts, 90 minutes. - Staged October 2011 by the theatre Group Flying Feathers at The National School of Drama, Delhi, India, director Ralesh Singh.

RICHARD’S GUESTS. The action takes place in a time when the iron curtain was still there. An English gentleman happens to meet two illegal immigrants from Poland. He takes them to his home. During the evening it is revealed that they have other reasons for their escape from Poland than he thinks.

LOVE IS A DOTTY FISH. A radio play written for a BBC drama contest.

WELCOME TO DALLAS, MR. KENNEDY. A play published by Calder and Boyars, London .ISBN 0 7145 0777, copyright Calder and Boyars.

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