The sketches and plays below are well within the level of students who have been learning English for 2 years.

YOU MUST BE JOKING 1 - Five easy sketches

YOU MUST BE JOKING 2 - Five other easy sketches

POOR ALBERT. A Peace play about group pressure and the individual. For reading in class or performance.

THE MAP. A western for students in their second year of learning English.


The plays below are published by  Klett Verlag, Stuttgart and are for that reason not available for download. -

THE EMPTY SAFE.   A play about robbeery and detective Snoop.

UNCLE BILL'S WILL. About a desert island, a buried  treasure and pirates.        

A version in German of The Empty Safe, translated by Frank Lacey, may be downloaded free of charge: DER LEERE SAFE 

TU PLAISANTES! Dix sketches faciles pour la dramatisation en classe. For students in their second or third year of learning French. 3 - 5 parts.